Intimate Coastal Wedding in the California Redwoods

Bodega Bay, CA

Chris and Siouxzen are just about the most openly-loving, excited about anything, and happiest people I have ever met.  Two LA creatives who met dancing under a full moon and decided to get married on the Northern California coast. April 20th, 2019 was a celebration of love. It was a love fest. The most beautiful day under a beaming full moon and towering California redwoods. It embodied their love in every way.
Every little detail poured into this day was done by them, their friends, and their family. From the driftwood centerpieces hand picked and crafted by Chris, to the whimsical and wild arrangement of flowers for Siouxzen’s bouquet, to the groomsmen delicately designing their own boutonnières, everything was brought together by their own little community of people who love them endlessly. 
We started the day at a little beach house down in Salmon Creek where Chris got ready, clinking glasses filled with hard kombucha, and soaking in every moment with his buddies with the constant uproar of “Cheers mate!” in the thickest some sort of accent, from all around. We then arrived at the Bodega Bay hotel where Sioux was getting primped up with the biggest beaming smile on her face. Her eyes scanning the room trying to soak in every moment of the morning with her girls. Her 5 little baby flower girls running around and doing cartwheels just outside her door on the fresh grass in their tutus. After the most tear-jerking first look under a canopy of ivy, it was time to get married. 
Tucked away in the Secret Garden, on a platform covered in ferns , surrounded by a babbling stream, and witnessed by all their loved ones, they said their I do’s. We spent the rest of the evening laughing, dancing, and celebrating. Chris played an original song for his bride, everyone cried. They shared a first dance where by the end every single person there was singing along. We witnessed the craziest hazy sunset up on a local mountain top where they shared some of their first moments as husband and wife. It was crazy. And it was beautiful. And everyone was completely invested in the night, and being there to do one thing, and that was to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime love. And that’s exactly what we did. 
What an insane honor it was for Cole and I to capture this day all on digital, film, & super 8. These memories will live with us forever and we could not be more grateful for these people. 
Cheers to many many more moons together, Chris & Sioux.

Venue:  Bodega Bay Secret Gardens

Wedding Planner/Designer:  The Dream Choice

Wedding Dress: BHLDN

Hair +Makeup: Amber Rose Hair + Makeup

Florals: The Dream Choice; bridal bouquet by Kelsey Balch

Art Installations:  Hazel Eyed Swan

Sunrise Yosemite Elopement

So somehow I got to be close friends with some of the most amazing people in the world. Not to mention some of the most talented people in the world as well. In July I was given the opportunity to shoot another unforgettable elopement with my lady, Anni Graham.

This little elopement in Yosemite turned out to be one of the most breathtaking experiences I have ever had, when really we were all very worried it was going to be ruined from the incredible heavy smoke that had filled the valley. So much so, it closed down the entire park. So on a whim, and with Anni’s years of expertise in Yosemite, we made the last minute decisions to head to Tuolumne Pines at 4am to catch the sunrise for Christina and Greg’s first look.

There were definitely tears while we all took in the sunrise over the water like we had never seen the sun rise before. The rest of the weekend was filled with mariachi bands, german lederhosen, unicorn masks, and so much more. To say the least, the smoke didn’t even have a chance on making this wedding anything less than what it was, dang special.

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Bodega California Engagement

Two Los Angeles love birds traveled up the California coast to find the perfect spot to vow to each other forever. Lucky for me they chose a spot very near and dear to my heart, Bodega Bay CA (the coastal town I grew up going to every weekend).

It only made sense we meet up and celebrate their engagement in the same spot they would be getting married at months later. We chatted and snort-laughed in a little sea-shack while devouring some bbq oysters, and then set out to the hills covered in ocean succulents to play a little. 

We interrupted a family of deer, laughed at all of Chris’ jokes, and finished off the night with some good beer and a little “flash dancing”. 

You could say Cole and I are more than stoked for April to capture these two tying the knot.

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Portland Park Hangout

All I can say is these are our best friends. Just the most down to earth bad ass people who are just as in love with each other as Cole and I are.

Spent an evening in Portland at a little park to watch the sunset together before Jamie left the next morning to go back to Chicago. Thought it was only appropriate to snag a few pictures for them to make the long distance monster a little easier (cuz we would know). Constantly counting down the days until we get to hang out again, these are our people.

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Urban Texas Wedding

Just my average Tuesday afternoon and I am swiping through Instagram stories and I happened to see that Anni Graham was ISO another wedding photog to help her shoot a wedding in Houston. I typed up the quickest response that I could which probably ended up looking like gibberish, to let her know that I was who she was looking for. I was ready to shoot a bomb ass wedding with her and make this girl's weekend unforgettable. I'm not sure what Rich had put in her food that night or what but ummm she said, Let's do it. And within seconds my flight was booked for Houston.

Just so we are clear, not only did I get to hang with Anni, but we both got too hang out with two of Houston's finest, Dzung(pronounced 'Yoom') and Lisa. Anni and I instantly fell in love with these two. Lisa's kind heart and gentle smile, and Dzung's gentlemanly swagger won us over. Lisa began her wedding day in a little hidden Houston AirBnb jamming out in the kitchen with all her ladies, and basking in some morning light in the sunroom. Their first look was under a secret canopy of native trees and they got married in the center of a private church garden with all their friends and family as witnesses. Smoke bombs, countless Boba Tea, even throwing up tiny Grandma in the air on the dance floor!?!?!?!? It was reckless fun and down right beautiful.

Thank you Anni for this crazy good opportunity and for being my soul sister. Thank you Dzung and Lisa for loving me as much as I do you, and for being just as excited as I am about my favorite photo I have ever taken (it's the one through the window, you'll know.) And thank you Dzung's brother for making me and Anni fall in love with Boba tea. I will never forget this weekend in Houston, one of my favorites for sure.

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