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10 Fun Facts About Cole

(written by Hannah)

1. He is lactose intolerant but loves ice cream too much to accept it.

2. Cole would drive for hours just to smell some crisp fresh air

3. Cole is actually an amazing filmmaker! He's filmed commercials for LinkedIn, VISA, Salesforce, RED Digital Cinemas, Nike and Honda to name a few. He's super talented you guys. Like really talented.

4. He is wildly in love with me. (I know how lucky am I right?!!?!)

5. Cole dropped out of college his sophomore year to pursue his career in filmmaking, and agrees it was one of the best decisions he's ever made

6. Cole wants to go to New Zealand...like right now.

7. Cole is insanely good at mimicking noises, need help explaining to your car mechanic what awful sound it's making? He's gotchu.

8. His best friend Daniel, is a pilot and they grew up flying and filming everywhere together

9. He eats 10 tacos from the taco truck about 3 times a week. (I may or may not be the instigator)

10. Cole and his family are about the sweetest people you will ever meet.

10 Fun Facts About Hannah

(written by Cole)

1. Hannah holds in her sneezes without knowing it. It runs in her family.

2. Hannah can quote her favorite movie, The Dark Knight, start to finish...along with every other movie she's ever seen.

3. Hannah will break down in uncontrollable laughter at the sound of someone with a wheezy laugh...chances are you will too.

4. Hannah has a very talkative stomach. His name is Stanley.

5. She's wildly in love with me. (I know how lucky am I right?!!?!)

6. ...actually lavender ice cream and Mac'n Cheese may replace me one day. Her love for them is undeniably strong.

7. Hannah is an amazing cook! From filet mignon to chicken top ramen, it's going to be cooked to perfection.

8. Her goal later in life as a grandma is to make all the grandchildren envy her perfectly comfy, oversized sweaters.

9. Hannah's feet are freezing blocks of ice...all the time. 24/7. 365.

10. Hannah finds the beauty in the small things and loves loves loves to smile.