Non-traditional Photographer

Urban Texas Wedding

Just my average Tuesday afternoon and I am swiping through Instagram stories and I happened to see that Anni Graham was ISO another wedding photog to help her shoot a wedding in Houston. I typed up the quickest response that I could which probably ended up looking like gibberish, to let her know that I was who she was looking for. I was ready to shoot a bomb ass wedding with her and make this girl's weekend unforgettable. I'm not sure what Rich had put in her food that night or what but ummm she said, Let's do it. And within seconds my flight was booked for Houston.

Just so we are clear, not only did I get to hang with Anni, but we both got too hang out with two of Houston's finest, Dzung(pronounced 'Yoom') and Lisa. Anni and I instantly fell in love with these two. Lisa's kind heart and gentle smile, and Dzung's gentlemanly swagger won us over. Lisa began her wedding day in a little hidden Houston AirBnb jamming out in the kitchen with all her ladies, and basking in some morning light in the sunroom. Their first look was under a secret canopy of native trees and they got married in the center of a private church garden with all their friends and family as witnesses. Smoke bombs, countless Boba Tea, even throwing up tiny Grandma in the air on the dance floor!?!?!?!? It was reckless fun and down right beautiful.

Thank you Anni for this crazy good opportunity and for being my soul sister. Thank you Dzung and Lisa for loving me as much as I do you, and for being just as excited as I am about my favorite photo I have ever taken (it's the one through the window, you'll know.) And thank you Dzung's brother for making me and Anni fall in love with Boba tea. I will never forget this weekend in Houston, one of my favorites for sure.

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California Coast 30 Year Anniversary

The most fiery and everlasting love I have ever witnessed, and I get to call these two people my soon-to-be parents-in-law. Woah.

For starters, my parents have been divorced my entire life. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I have never really had a strong example of what love between two people could look like. Until I met Cole’s parents.

After 30 crazy and beautiful years of marriage and 3 one-of-a-kind kids later, these two treat each other everyday as if they just met, and their “honeymoon phase” just started. To now have such an incredible example of a successful and loving marriage right at my fingertips, I cannot tell you how much I truly appreciate this strong, strong, love they share.

Denise and Laurence, I cannot wait to call you mom and dad. Your love inspires Cole and I every. single. day.

Cheers to 30 years. xoxo.

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