Arizona Engagement

Arizona Airstream In-Home

So we have these amazing friends, and they just purchased their very first home!! Plot twist: it’s the cutest 1977 airstream known to man, and her name is June.

We all met up in Phoenix Arizona, and some how Jamie & Lauren agreed to house us in June for a whopping 8 days. We knew then, it was true love. Nobody will truly understand how nice this actually was until they experience living in 162 square feet with two other people. Even though it tested our friendship and patience, we had such a freaking sweet time with these two amazing people. Airstream livin was a lot harder than we thought, basically we have some mad respect for anyone living on the road. We stayed up sharing embarrassing stories we’ve never shared before, we were introduced to Lauren’s “pump up” playlist (and her gangsta dance moves) on long drives, we got to experience Jamie’s insane omelet making skills, Cole learned how to wash my untamable mane in the sink, in the evenings we got to enjoy Jamie playing the guitar and Lauren's accompaniment, and really we all just figured out how to make a long period of time in a small space unforgettable.

Jamie & Lauren deserve all the good they have coming to them, and we are so happy they found June.

p.s. Jamie & Lauren got June from two incredible bad ass women doing the most over at The Modern Caravan. Kate and Ellen put their hearts into all of their work and are just some dang good people, it was so special getting to see their work and to experience it for ourselves. We feel so lucky to have such cool and inspiring friends!!!

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